What Does Reformed Mean?

beliefs logoAt Almond Valley Church, our faith in Jesus as our Savior is the most important thing!

Every church, even non-denominational ones, has a theological perspective that guides it. This theology guides the way it interprets the Bible, the way it preaches, and the way it influences what things are most important to it. Almond Valley is a Christian Reformed Church. This may be a newer term to you so we have provided the following brief introduction.

The term "Reformed" has two different connotations. It can refer to a particular way of interpreting the Bible. This is often referred to as Reformed theology. It stresses the sovereignty of God in all things and the centrality of faith in Jesus Christ. The term can also refer to a particular tradition or branch of the Christian churches. These churches have their historical roots in the Protestant reformation of the 1500s and are based on the teachings of John Calvin. The reformers stressed 5 concepts called "solos" when they split from the Roman Catholic Church:

What are some aspects of Reformed Theology?