Here at Almond Valley Church we are all about making the life-changing message come alive for the people of our fellowship, community, and world. This comes out in the basic activities of worship, education, service, and telling. Our Leadership and Staff are excited to be in the middle of advancing and coordinating these activities in the service of Jesus and the vision and mission nurtured by the Spirit of Jesus in Almond Valley Church. We hope you will be intrigued enough by what you see about our activities and beliefs that you will come and visit with us. More than that, we pray that God will lead you to consider becoming part of this living and vital community of Christ's followers. Most of all, we pray that you will meet Jesus as you get to know His people here at Almond Valley Church.

Almond Valley Church began its ministry on the west side of Ripon in 1978. The church started with and has continued with a strong commitment to Jesus, the teachings of the Bible, and encouraging families and individuals to follow Jesus in worship and all of life.